Jamyang Rooms
Rooms and Facilities For Hire in South London

Cafe Available for Private Hire.

Delicious vegetarian meals are available from our in-house Cafe. Our in-house Cafe serves the best coffee in South London from our espresso machine!

The café's price for tea is £3.95 head for the whole day. This T-station service includes all the tea participants wish throughout the day.

If people would like to drink cappuccino or other espresso type of coffee prices are from £2.00 -  £3.20 cup. Biscuits generally from £0.80 - £1.00 piece. Cake from £2.80 - £3.45 slice.
Both are baked in the morning!

We also have pre-booked catering service, there are three options:

Opt.1 (Main meal plus salads): £7.80

Opt.2 (Main meal plus salads and cake): £10.60

Opt.3 (Main meal plus salads and dessert): £11.25

You can pay over the counter on the day and/or ask for an invoice.

cafe counter

Photograph of the Cafe

cafe jamyang

Pergola of cafe

We will invoice according to the number of lunches pre-booked. If any of your group have special dietary requirements such as wheat-free, vegan, etc, please let us know ahead of your booking date.

  These can be purchased individually, or can be pre-purchased by the organising group; see the Booking Form.


Soup & Bread £4.25
Salad, Small £4.60
Salad, Regular £5.70
Salad ,1 scoop £1.70
Quiche on its own £4.25
Main on its own £4.95
Quiche/Main + Salads £7.80


Cake 1 £2.80
Cake 2 £3.15
Cake 3 £3.45


Espresso, Americano £2.00
Cappuccino, Latte £3.00
Flat White, Hot Chocolate £2.80
Mocha £3.20
Tea £1.80
Tea for the day £3.95

Catering Options 

Opt.1 £7.80 (Main and Salads)
Opt.2 £10.60 (Main and Salads + Cake)
Opt.3 £11.25 (Main and Salads + Dessert)